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westboro-Lead In

A national symbol of hate takes to the streets in Maryland. Good evening, I'm Robyne Mccullough.

I'm Jessica Macleod. Two sets of protestors filled both sides of Adelphi Road today. Some say it was a fine line.between love and hate. CNS-TV's Stephanie Woods was in Hyattsville today as the community reacted to a visit.from the infamous Westboro Baptist Church. Return to index of stories...


If we say equality y'all say NOW. If we say equality y'all say NOW.

Locals and students fight for gay rights at Northwestern High School.

I want to beat em up.it's wrong.

It's about a peaceful protest but if it came to a fight I'd fight.I'm just so over it.

.But what they're protesting.is another protest. The Westboro Baptist Church.known for it's radical stance on homosexuality.is picketing Northwestern High School. But the son of church founder Fred Phelps says Northwestern isn't special.it's corrupt like all schools in America.

They have no problem having abortions.no problem committing sodomy, which is wrong. This generation is doomed.

The Westboro Baptist Church says Northwestern High School is condemned to hell for what it calls an amoral curriculum. But some 100 students and members of the community want to uplift the school.with what they call messages of love.

We really just wanted to be out here with a positive message for the community and not pay attention to the people across the street.

But gay and lesbian protestors found it hard to ignore personal attacks.on their personal lives.

The only kind of love you can have for your neighbor is truth. Fag works well on a picket sign.it's an elegant Bible metaphor.

God is love and love is never wrong. I am a lesbian. I'm 26 now and I came out when I was 16.I came out at this school actually.

As a queer I went through high school and got a lot of crap. This high school at this point.has so much to give and the kids have so much passion.

These kids will keep showing their love.

I personally am I gay person.and I support them.

I love you too!

.until the bell rings.

Please enter the school building.

In Hyattsville.I'm Stephanie Woods for CNS-TV. Return to index of stories...


The Supreme Court is now considering a Maryland free speech case involving the Westboro Baptist church which protested at the Westminster funeral of a soldier killed in 2006. A decision is expected before the Court's term ends in June. Return to index of stories...

Gay Marriage-RDR

If you're not going to vote for my bill, I'm not going to vote for yours. Tonight, a political tantrum is holding up the same sex marriage bill. Maryland lawmaker and gay marriage supporter Jill Carter from Baltimore says she won't vote in favor of the bill she is co-sponsoring unless she gets her way. She wants support for her own legislation including 15- million dollars for Baltimore schools. House Judiciary Committee Chairman Joseph Vallario held a closed door meeting with Carter and the other lawmakers today. Return to index of stories...

Truck Rally-Lead In

We're all feeling the pain at the pump. But imagine if your vehicle had TWO 150 gallon tanks to fill up AND you were facing the prospects of higher gas taxes. Many Maryland semi's do.and their operators are concerned about what higher gas prices AND gas taxes will do to their business.and consumers. CNS-TV's Tolleah Price says that's why truck drivers rolled into Annapolis today. Return to index of stories...

Truck Rally-Tolleah

Take PKG

Nats of trucks driving by

One by one.40 big rigs drove by the state capitol to protest a proposed gas tax increase of 10 cents.

our message today is enough is enough. We've paid our fair share

Mel Fair of the Beltway Companies says truckers are tapped out.

And increasing taxes right now will drive business away from Maryland.

If these expenses continue to rise we'll buy fuel elsewhere and move our companies outside the state of Maryland it becomes that simple

But where? Pennsylvania and West Virginia both have higher gas taxes. Maryland's gas tax has held steady at 23 cents since 1992.

And Montgomery County State Senator Robert Garagiola says the state needs the tax increase now to help rebuild Maryland roads.

can they support 4 cents…can they support 5 cents… can they support 6 cents? What can they support?

Garagiola says doing nothing is not an option. And The Transportation Trust Fund needs revenue to support infrastructure.

Mel Fair says it's not fair to force everyone to pay higher gas taxes if the money's going elsewhere.

When those taxes go the transporation trust fund, use them for what their intended to be used for and that's transportation

That trust fund is required to maintain a $100 million dollars balance. It's been raided in recent years to help balance the state budget. Garagiola says his bill will prevent that. Either way, Garagiola says, truckers stand to lose:

to me time is also money and if it takes the trucking industry that much longer to get from point a to point b in Maryland because we've got poor infrastructure that costs money as well.

Money the truckers say they don't have right now.

In Annapolis, Tolleah Price for CNS TV. Return to index of stories...

Truck Rally-Tag

The Maryland Motor Truck Association estimates the proposals being considered by state lawmakers would cost EVERY rig operating in the state about 3-thousand dollars in new fees. A House Committee heard testimony on its version of the bills today.a senate committee will take testimony next week. Return to index of stories...


.And in the midst of money protests, some politicians just keep on slicing and dicing. Maryland House Republicans are submitting another round of cuts to further reduce Governor Martin O'Malley's budget. Delegate Anthony O'Donnell, House Minority Leader, promises a variety of proposed spending limits. Last year the Republicans wish list for budget cuts was rejected. Return to index of stories...

Child Neglect-VO

Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown testified today before a Senate Committee in Annapolis in support of a bill that would criminalize child neglect.

The legislation would charge guardians who fail to provide food, clothing, and other necessities to children with a misdemeanor. Offenders could face up to ten years in prison, a 10-thousand dollar fine, or both. Maryland has laws that shield animals from neglect, but it is the ONLY state without a child neglect law. Return to index of stories...

Lead Paint-RDR

If you're given a four- million dollar grant to fix up homes contaminated by lead paint. You should probably spend the money, right? Tonight Baltimore City has learned that expensive lesson. It seems the city's health department didn't do enough. U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development officials tell the Baltimore Sun that mismanagement cost Baltimore's lead paint abatement programs its funding. Baltimore is now considered a high-risk grantee. Return to index of stories...

Tease Wts & Measures

Next on Maryland newsline.how you can collect cash by helping cops track down a scary laser incident.

And.I'll tip the scales of consumers and meet the person who will make sure we're buying what.or how much.we think we are! That's next on Maryland Newsline Return to index of stories...


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PG Robberies

Prince George's County Police announced today that they've charged two suspects in connection with several armed robberies in College Park. 29-year-old Derek Sean Waddy was arrested last Saturday.and 34-year-old William Edward Patton Jr. was take into custody on Sunday. Both men have been charged in the robbery of a Pizza Hut and the College Park Diner in the 92-hundred block of Baltimore Avenue. They're currently being held without bond. Return to index of stories...

Measures-Lead In

If you're like most shoppers.you probably take for granted that the five pounds of beef you buy at the market is REALLY weighs five pounds. With today kicking off weights and measures week here in Maryland, I did a little grocery shopping with an inspector to see if the scales tip in your favor.or cost you in the pocketbook. Return to index of stories...


There's no question.all of us are paying more at the pump. But how do you know that the you're g etting the correct amount of gas for the price you're paying? And what about those grocery store scales.ever considered their accuracy?

"I just never thought about it. I always saw the scales as a convenience almost

But buyer beware.you may not be getting. what you paid for:

"I thought I'd get the same price whether I checked the scale or went to the checkout and let the cashier do it

How CAN you be sure of what you're getting? That responsibility falls to a handful of state workers who watch out for your bottom line.

"The state of maryland has 17 inspectors that test the scales annually to make sure you're paying for this and not this

Elizabeth Koncki has been a field inspector with the Maryland Department of Agriculture weights and measures division for two years. She says it's her job to take the weight of worry away from customers.

"You don't have to carry around a one pound weight in your pocket these days to make sure the scales are accurate and the packages are accurate, it's done for you"

Koncki randomly inspects items that charge by weight or count.

this is mango coconut pork $6.99/lb

Today, Wegman's passes the test.clear for another year. Return to index of stories...


And Jess.a few numbers to give you an idea of what these 17 inspectors do during a year. In the last fiscal year.they investigated more than 460 consumer complaints, conducted more than 42-thousand inspections of commercial weighing and measuring devices.and inspected and tested nearly 12-thousand individual lots of prepackaged items. IN all.they imposed 82-thousand in penalties for violations.

Robyne.what should a consumer do if they think they've been short-changed in a purchase?

If they're unable to resolve the conflict with the store, they should call the Maryland Department of Agriculture at 410- 841- 5790. Return to index of stories...


Metro escalators mean continuing headaches for commuters.

Some escalators at the Dupont Circle Metro station created problems for commuters Monday. One came to a sudden halt during morning rush hour causing some riders to fall.luckily no one was injured. Later on that evening firefighters responded to reports of smoke coming from one of the escalators. Outside consultants have blamed Metro's poor maintenance practices. Return to index of stories...

Helicopter Crash-VO

The grieving mother of a 17-year-old killed in a Medevac helicopter crash is blaming the Federal Aviation Administration.

Ashley Younger was being transported to the hospital after a car accident back in 2008 when the helicopter crashed, killing her and three other passengers. Her mother.Stephanie Younger.is filing suit in U.S. District Court alleging that the air traffic controllers gave the pilot bad weather information. Return to index of stories...

Laser Reward-RDR

A five-thousand reward tonight for information about the laser beamed into a plane flying over Maryland. The FBI and Maryland Transportation Authority Police need information leading to an arrest after a laser was aimed into the cockpit of a Southwest Airlines flight with 130 people on board.as it flew over Millersville in Anne Arundel County. The plane was heading to BWI Marshall Airport February 20th. Though the pilot and first officer were able to land the plane safely.the FBI says their eyes were injured by the laser. Return to index of stories...

Glass Artist-Lead In

Here is the glass.that stuck to the brick.that stuck to the house.that a Baltimore man BUILT! Danielle Lama paid a visit to what the city calls "the Glass Artist." Return to index of stories...

Glass Artist-Danielle

There was once a house in Baltimore.different than all the others.

creative is the best way to describe it

The product of one man.who uses the CITY for inspiration.

baltimore gave me the chance to be or do anything I wanted to do.

And instead of BUYING materials.Cornish FINDS them.

this is one of the areas I check.people are always throwing stuff out in this particular area.

It's easy to spot a good find.

this is a great board to put a piece of art on


he takes a lot of things that people consider trash and when you see it again.it's art

His mosaic covered house.started with the door.

I remember putting the last piece of glass on the front door then I turned and I looked at the house and the house was all brick and I said.WOW.I should cover the house in glass and mirror.

The entire inside is artwork too.

I would like to see him reach that Picasso like plateau.but it living form

Cornish then purchased another townhouse.just a few feet away to expand his his art on the block.

I would like to see the world actually know about him

And Cornish hopes his art.especially his houses.will INSPIRE those who pass by.

I think it gives people a sense of hope.and that they CAN do whatever it they want to do

In Baltimore.Danielle Lama.reporting for CNS TV. Return to index of stories...

Glass Artist-Tag

Already a cultural city, Baltimore is hoping to establish itself in the arts.Hey! Hopkins can't have all the attention! Return to index of stories...

tease culinary-culinary

Next on Maryland Newsline, the "home of the brave" is temporarily relocating. We'll explain.

And.high-schoolers from around the state take home-ec to another level. I'll show you what some of the state's students are doing in the kitchen. Return to index of stories...


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Star Spangled Banner-RDR

Oh say can you see. The original manuscript of the Star-Spangled Banner is going on a road-trip.Francis Scott Key's manuscript is leaving Baltimore today for the first time in almost 200- years. But it's not going far. It's headed to Annapolis for the Maryland General Assembly to view during a private event hosted by the National Anthem Celebration Foundation. Return to index of stories...

Culinary Challenge-Lead In

The competition.is keen. The pressure.constant. The clock.the enemy. The results.USUALLY very tasty. It's sort of like a mini-version of Bravo's Top Chef.only THIS event involves teams from 18 Maryland high school schools vying for top spot at a cook-off at the Baltimore Convention Center. I was there for today's Maryland ProStart Student Invitational. Return to index of stories...

Culinary Challenge-Jess

Students have just one hour to prepare an appetizer, entrée and dessert.\


very, very stressful

Last year's Maryland ProStart Teacher of the Year Bonita Curtis is only too familiar with what the students are going through:

They want to make sure that they have everything they need. They want to make sure that they do everything right.

Today, the team representing Greenbelt's Eleanor Roosevelt High School is preparing shrimp, tilapia and a chocolate dessert. And finishes 10 minutes late.

in the beginning, I didn't, as soon as we were supposed to start, I didn't add the water for the rice. So that consumed time.

I feel like we were really a good team until the ending. Our thermometer broke so the temperatures were kinda off and we panicked like we were overtime. It was good though. I had fun.

behind these curtains, judges get to the best part. Tasting students' dishes.

One judge weighed in.

well, there's been ups and downs. There are some very exciting plates that come back, very interesting and creative and then there's some that tend to run the same old mill and we wonder why they haven't changed some of their theories and thoughts.

But one parent sees value beyond taking first place.

there's been great benefits. It gives him an idea what he might want to do if he decides to go into the culinary industry. It gives him an idea how to work under pressure.

First place sends the winner on to the national competition. First, second and third place winners will also receive college scholarships.

it truly changes their lives because it puts them in an arena that they've never been in before.

A learning experience for high schoolers in AND out of the kitchen. In Baltimore, I'm Jessica MacLeod for CNS-TV.

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Culinary Challenge-Tag

The first place team in the culinary competition will go on to compete in Kansas at the NATIONAL ProStart Invitational at the end of April. Return to index of stories...


That's Maryland Newsline for this week.thanks for joining us.I'm Jessica MacLeod. You can check out this--and past newscasts--online at www-dot-newsline-dot-umd-dot-edu.

And I'm Robyne McCullough.have a good night.we'll see you back here tomorrow. Return to index of stories...