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Jack Johnson-lead in

Hello and welcome to Maryland Newsline I'm Tolleah Price. It has all the elements of a best-selling novel: crime, cash, and corruption.

And I'm Bethany Lambright. CNS-TV's Deanna LeBlanc joins us now with the latest chapter in this on-going Prince George's County drama.

Thanks Bethany. Former Prince George's County executive Jack Johnson was BACK in U.S. District Court in Greenbelt today. This time.for his arraignment. Return to index of stories...

Jack Johnson-vo

Back on February 14th Johnson was indicted by a federal grand jury on eight charges including conspiracy. extortion. bribery. and witness and evidence tampering. Johnson's attorney spoke for him in court today.entering a plea of NOT GUILTY to all of the charges. Conviction for extortion and witness tampering carries a sentence of up to 20 years.bribery carries a maximum penalty of 10 years.and conspiracy has a five year maximum penalty. All have top fines of 250-thousand dollars. Johnson says he's shocked by the charges against him. He and his lawyer say they plan to fight by challenging the wiretaps: Return to index of stories...

Jack Johnson-sot

all of my professional life. for 30 years. I've been providing services to the citizens of this county and to learn in the last 3 months that I have somehow been doing something wrong. I'm just flabbergasted.

Jack Johnson is now going to order the affidavits and we're going to attack the wiretaps and all of the information that has been used by the FBI during this investigation. This is the day that we be gin to fight these charges

Deanna. What about Johnson's wife?

His wife. Prince George's County Councilwoman Leslie Johnson. is facing similar charges. She's been granted a motion to extend the date of her preliminary hearing until April 6th.

Has a date been set for Johnson's TRIAL?

Not quite yet. An attorney with the U.S. Attorney's office said today that they hope to finalize some additional wiretap evidence this week. and expect to wrap up their discovery of evidence sometime late next week.

Thanks, Deanna. Return to index of stories...

Alcohol Tax-vo

Looks like drinkers may be looking at a new warning label.on their receipts and in their pockets.

Where? Well.at the bottom where it says "tax".and "total".Because state lawmakers are working on how to impose an increase in the alcohol tax! Senate president Mike Miller says that important considerations include tax-increase levels and competitiveness with other states. He says that he does believe the proposed increase will be approved, but it won't be as large as supporters expect. Return to index of stories...

MOCO Budget-lead in

Montgomery County's Executive is trying to slash the budget.but education advocates are fighting back. CNS-TV's Stephanie Woods was in Rockville today where Montgomery County schools reacted to a proposed 82 million dollar cut. Return to index of stories...

MOCO Budget-pkg

Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett's nearly 4-and-a-half BILLION dollar budget calls for cuts in nearly EVERY county agency.

These are hard times.and hard times demand hard budget cuts.

Leggett closed a 300 million dollar budget shortfall.but some in Montgomery County says his cuts are open for debate.

Montgomery County schools suffered a cut.82 million less than they requested.

This is the time of year when the superintendent has stomach issues. The kids deserve a good education, the teachers deserve to be paid. That I know for sure.

But Leggett says school funding will stay at it's current level.just under 1-and-a-half billion dollars.

It was a tough choice for them. But the 82 million that we gained.we would have to increase taxes or cut other departments to get that money. I'm not prepared to do that.

But the Montgomery County Education Association says keeping funding level.doesn't work. They project the student body will increase by 33 hundred students.

We've suffered a lot of cuts over the years. I think the potential budget cuts would put students at serious risk.

Some may criticize Leggett because of education cuts.but others applaud his decision to keep a weekend program that provides food to low income kids:

Ike had some tough choices.but he did a good job. There were some big cuts.but he made wise choices.

Now.the budget goes to the county council. In Rockville, I'm Stephanie Woods for CNS-TV. Return to index of stories...

MOCO Budget-tag

Leggett's proposed budget calls for the elimination of 216 positions with the county.139 of those are currently filled. The budget also requires county workers to contribute more to their health care and pensions. Return to index of stories...

Bethesda Murder-rdr

Investigators are pouring over surveillance video hoping to find a clue in the murder and rapes of two women in Bethesda.

But it's not from the scene of the crime.

Two men rushed inside LuLulemon last friday.killed and raped Jayna Murray.

But cameras from the store did NOT catch it.

Now detectives are checking out hours of surveillance footage from nearby businesses.

Murray's co-worker was assaulted and raped and remains in the hospital.

There's a more than 130 thousand dollar reward for tips leading to an arrest. Return to index of stories...

Death Penalty-rdr

It's literally a life or death issue- discussion of capital punishment today in the House Judiciary Committee.Opponents of the death penalty testified on a repeal measure.which they say has more support than ever from lawmakers. 21 of 47 Maryland senators are co-sponsors.as well as 61 out of 1-hundred-41 Delegates in the House.but Senate President Mike Miller believes there won't be enough votes for it to pass. Maryland has five inmates on death row.but there has been a moratorium on the death penalty for the last four years. Return to index of stories...

Dream Act-vo

After two-and-a-half hours of debate last night, the Maryland Senate voted mostly along party lines in favor of the Dream Act.the controversial bill that would approve in-state college tuition for undocumented students. To be eligible, students would have to spend three years in a Maryland high school and then attend community college in the same jurisdiction before attending a four-year institution. The bill will now go before the House of Delegates. Return to index of stories...

Pepco - Intro

Spring may be only days away.but the memories of this winter remain fresh on the minds of many. ESPECIALLY those power outages and complaints that followed about the poor response from some utility companies. The governor.and some lawmakers.have proposed legislation requiring the utilities to be MORE responsive. And they got their chance to make their case in Annapolis today. And that's where we find CNS-TV's Jessica MacLeod.who joins us now LIVE.Jess? Return to index of stories...

Pepco -Lead In

The Maryland Senate Finance Committee heard bills today that crack down on electric companies. I was there to see how the tighter regulations could affect the average consumer. Return to index of stories...

Pepco --pkg

Lightning strikes. thunder rolls, and you may be left in the dark. Today, legislators took a look at a bill that enforces electrical reliability. Senator Pipken points to the recent trouble with Pepco.

Clearly there's been issues this past year with Pepco and other utilities related to storm-related damage and outages. This is one attempt to try to get more accountability into the system.

Other bills deal with regulating prices for the consumer and getting the consumer the best rates. Legislators want electric companies to submit long-range electricity needs to the Public Service Commission.

Electric companies have a different take on the proposed changes.

BGE Spokesman Robert Gould agrees with the intent of the bills, but focuses on the cost-benefit breakdown.

These are efforts that don't make any improvements in what we have today. In fact they could cause additional cost and cause greater challenges than we have today.

BGE feels they've been off the hook as far as the outage wrath.

We've been fortunate in the BGE service territory. We've not suffered some negative criticisms to the extent that other utilities may have.

Whether you're Pepco or BGE, tighter regulations may be around the corner. Return to index of stories...

Pepco --tag

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If you thought it was tough to get around Prince George's County now. we'll tell you why it could get worse.

But first, childhood obesity is weighing on people's minds.I'll show you how the youngest bulges are being battled. That's next on Maryland Newsline. Return to index of stories...


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Child Porn-rdr

Four computers and THOUSANDS of porn files.Now a registered sex offender has been charged with five counts of child pornography possession. Maryland State Police found 58-year-old Robert Ingram living in a Frederick hotel. They say Ingram confessed to downloading the obscene videos, which showed victims aging from 5- to- 9 years old. Ingram pleaded guilty to a third-degree sex offense back in 2006.and was sentenced to three years of supervised probation and almost three- months in jail. Return to index of stories...

Obesity Summit-lead in

You've heard it before. American kids are overweight. According to the Centers for Disease Control childhood obesity has more than tripled in the last 30 years according to the C-D-C. So what can you do? That was the topic of an obesity summit hosted by The Washington Post today. I was there to hear a who's who of sports and politics weigh in on epidemic and what role government plays in it. Return to index of stories...

Obesity Summit-pkg


the exercise clip…

Ravens player Ray Rice and the Packers' Greg Jennings got things shaking at the summit with a quick two minute workout.

Nat of it ending

Among those bringing a message about the importance of fitness.a former Maryland governor.college football player.and DAD.who's run a few races of his own:

In this day in age, it's just easier to sit on the couch with electronic games

Ehrlich says PARENTS should play a greater role in trimming kids' waistlines. not the government. But Iowa Senator Tom Harkin says there's room for Uncle Sam to help kids get fit too.

the government doesn't have to be intrusive, but it needs to make the default choice the healthy choice and that could be done with heavy mandating

But Montgomery County fifth-grader Dana Gerber disagrees. She wrote on essay on curbing childhood obesity and her words won her a trip to the summit.

Dana Gerber 5th grade, "I was like I won and I screamed my head off, but I won't scream now because it'll hurt everyone's ears

Her essay didn't include anything about the government.

The government can't really make a law that says you can't have soda and drinks.it's up to the parents to limit their kids.

stand up: According to the CDC, 1 in 3 children is obese and it's not just because of what they eat or don't eat. Experts say they don't spend enough time outdoors and way too much time in front of the computer and television

Dana says she can step up her game when it comes to exercise. But says she's already on the right path with her food selections.

"I always bring my lunch.it's pretty much the same every day, turkey sandwich, celery, carrots, brownie or oreos."

She likes lots of greens too.

me.how's the salad…it's good I had too

And that's what her mom likes to hear. Return to index of stories...

Obesity Summit-tag

Carla Hall of Top Chef fame prepared today's lunch and spent less than two-and-a-half dollars on each meal. That's the amount the federal government spends on many school lunch meals. Today's menu included white meat chicken pot pie.salad and fresh poached pear. Return to index of stories...

Google Blind-rdr

Think Google has everything? WRONG.according to a Baltimore-based advocacy group. The National Federation of the Blind says that the adoption of Google E-mail and education Apps violates the Americans with Disabilities Act because of the program's lack of text-to-speech technology. Both New York University and Northwestern University have been accused of discriminating against their blind students and faculty. Over half of colleges in the U-S that outsource their e-mail use Google programs. Return to index of stories...

Taxi Permits-lead in

Last year.Prince George's county voted to double the number of permits issued to cab drivers.this year the council wants to repeal the bill at the cost of some drivers' independence. Return to index of stories...

Taxi Permits-pkg

Ever find it hard to hail a taxi in Prince George's County? The County Council doesn't think so.and hopes to lessen the number of cabs on the roads

we not only are at a fair number now, but may be oversaturating the market

Last year, the county council passed a bill doubling the number of permits for cabs from 775 to more than 14-hundred. Councilman Will Campos says that's just too many and is asking the council to repeal the increase.

it will be harder for an individual cab driver to make enough money

Too many drivers could flood the market, making it hard for some to make a living.

But not everyone agrees. Independent cab drivers worry if the number of permits go down, they'll be out of a job.

I think everyone should have their own number. I got mine after 15 years

Drivers like Ahmad must apply in for a permit through a lottery. If they don't get one, they are forced to work for a larger company and share the profits.

Individuals should have permits, companies just get rent from us. They should reduce the number from the corporations

Last year, only 189 of the 775 permits issued went to individuals. The rest went to three companies all with the same parent company. The Prince George's County Taxi Cab Drivers' Alliance believes repealing last year's legislation ignores the need for fair competition

This legislation will leave families homeless, increase crime, and cost more for riders. It will allow a monopoly to continue and limit our freedom

Drivers and their companies may have their own issues to resolve.but on the matter of permits.Campos says its something the council needs to decide:

there's no doubt the relationship between cab drivers and companies needs to be fixed. But that's not what this bill does, this just fixes the numbers Return to index of stories...

Taxi Permits-tag

The Prince George's County council will vote on the proposal later this month.Chairwoman Ingrid Turner said the council will take the drivers' concerns into account before a decision is made. Return to index of stories...

WWI Veteran-rdr

The last surviving piece of a major part of American History is laid to rest today.with full military honors. World war one veteran Frank Buckles is lying in honor inside Arlington National Cemetery's chapel. He was 110. Buckles lied about his age to join the army when he was 16. Return to index of stories...


Spring cleaning has paid off for the Chesapeake Bay.we'll explain how.

And The Lady Terps will be showing off their best moves on the floor of the "big Dance". That's next on Maryland Newsline. Return to index of stories...


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Spring starts Sunday.and that means time to start enjoying the Chesapeake Bay again.a cleaner bay this year.

According to a new U-S-D-A study, local efforts to conserve the bay are working. It shows that some local farmers have been voluntarily using conservation practices to prevent manure and fertilizer runoff into waterways. Still, there is more work to be done.with 19-percent of cropland in the watershed in HIGH need of additional conservation. Return to index of stories...

Oyster Reefs-rdr

And students at Germantown Elementary school are doing their part to boost the bay, as well. Joining up with the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission this Friday.the kids plan to make concrete reef balls.120-pound hollow balls that provide a space for oysters to latch onto and grow. Some of the students will travel to the Chesapeake in May to see the reef balls dropped into the bay on the Memorial Stadium Oyster Reef. Return to index of stories...

Women's Basketball-vo

The women's N-C-A-A Tournament may not start till Saturday, but the madness of March began last night with the revealing of the tournament's bracket.

The Maryland women's basketball team finished the season ranked sixteenth in the Associated Press poll with a record of 23 and 7. The team, which received a four seed in the Philadelphia region, was a lock to make the tourney. They'll face St. Francis, Pennsylvania in the first round right here at Comcast Center. Return to index of stories...

Women's Basketball-sot

I don't know about you, but we're thrilled with our matchups. I know what kind of competitors we have, so we gotta take it one game at a time.

I feel like everyone on the team and everyone on the staff has done what they needed to do in the past two weeks so that our name would be called and our name was called. So now it's time to go to work.

The women's basketball team went all the way and took the title of NATIONAL champions in 2006. Return to index of stories...

Crazy Crash-RDR

When you rear-end another driver, it's automatically your fault, but what if YOUR vehicle ends up on the car BEHIND you? One man learned the answer to this question after following a car in Frederick. Brian Head was arguing with the driver of a volkswagon ca-BRI-o-let when he followed and rammed the back of it with his Ford pickup truck, then sped in reverse.but he quickly came to a stop.a-top an unmarked POLICE cruiser! Head now faces drunk driving charges and other counts. Return to index of stories...


That's Maryland Newsline for tonight.thanks for joining us.I'm Tolleah Price. You can check out this--and PAST newscasts--online at newsline-dot-umd-dot-edu.

And I'm Bethany Lambright.have a good night. We'll see you back here tomorrow! Return to index of stories...