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Baker Budget -Lead in

He's short 77 million dollars.but wants to spend 50- million to entice business to his county. Good evening and welcome to Maryland Newsline….I'm Robyne McCullough.

And I'm Deanna LeBlanc.

The Prince George's County Budget is big news tonight.

County Exec Rushern Baker is delivering his state of the economy address right now in Riggs Alumni Center at the University of Maryland.

And CNS-TV's Tolleah Price is there LIVE with the rundown.

Tolleah…. Return to index of stories...

Baker Budget -Tolleah LIVE

Robyne and Deanna.

During his campaign Baker promised school improvement, economic development and greater public safety. He's expected to touch on those topics in his speech here this evening.

And.As you said.the county is short 77 MILLION DOLLARS.

NOW You can blame declining property values for a large CHUNK of that.

Because lower values equal less tax dollars for the county.

A spokesperson for Baker says the executive is going to tell business leaders that the county has relied TOO LONG AND TOO MUCH on property taxes.

Baker's living by the saying.you have to spend money to make it.

He's calling for more government spending. So he's proposed a 50 MILLION DOLLAR ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT INCENTIVE FUND to attract businesses to the county. The fund would provide loans and grants to businesses.

But BAKER needs the County Council to approve it.

And that's not the only challenge he's facing.

Baker has to convince businesses his administration is DIFFERENT from his immediate predecessor Jack Johnson's regime.

That administration is SUSPECTED of shaking down developers-potentially keeping new business OUT OF COUNTY.

AND JACK Johnson and his wife LESLIE are facing federal corruption charges.

I spoke with______________________ from______________ and they said tonight they hope to hear___________________________________________________________ Return to index of stories...

Baker Budget - Tag

For more on Prince George's County budget woes, check out Newsline.umd.edu. Return to index of stories...

Leslie Johnson-RDR

Prince George's County Councilwoman Leslie Johnson isn't saying much about the new federal conspiracy charge she is facing. Federal prosecutors charged her with conspiracy to commit evidence and witness tampering. They say she tried to destroy a check and stuffed nearly 80- thousand dollars in her bra when FBI agents came to her home in November. Johnson would have to give up her seat on the County Council if convicted of a felony. Return to index of stories...

Salisbury girl-RDR

The family of an 11-year-old murder victim finally has some peace of mind tonight.Thomas James Leggs Jr. pleaded guilty today to the 2009 kidnapping and killing of Sarah Foxwell. He'll serve life in prison without the possibility of parole. Leggs.dated Foxwell's aunt before her disappearance.was a convicted sex offender. As part of a plea agreement, he was spared the death penalty in exchange for additional information about the case. Return to index of stories...

Vehicular Homicide--Lead In

The push is on to win Senate approval of a bill that cleared the House of Delegates in a unanimous vote. It's a bill that supporters say.is aimed tightening a law that allows negligent drivers, involved in fatal accidents, to escape convictions. CNS-TV's Matt Brody has more from Annapolis: Return to index of stories...

Vehicular Homicide-PKG

Adiva Sotzsky's husband was killed in a car accident seven years ago.

12:42-12:50 12:55-13:01

My husband Harry who was a lifelong Maryland resident was killed by a sober tractor trailer driver.He paid a few hundred dollars in fines, never apologized, never showed remorse

Sotzsky has taken her grief and used it to fuel her advocacy for a change in Maryland's vehicular homicide law:



It is time to treat traffic violations which cause fatalities as serious as other crimes

Supporters of the legislation now before the Senate say the state's current law is filled with loopholes:


A traffic ticket for killing somebody, a legal hand slap. They don't even have to show up in court quite often.

And, backers of the legislation say, the current standard of negligence is very hard to prove Maryland.


By introducing this intermediate standard we would allow prosecutors in the exercise of their discretion to prosecute those homicides that ought to be prosecuted.

although the new bill would intensify punishment.it won't bring back the victims.but it may give justice to those who lost loved ones.

I would feel relief that finally the message will be heard.I know for other families it will make a difference if heaven forbid they face a fatality

The legislation, if it survives the Senate and is signed into law.would apply to vehicles both on land AND on the water.

At the State House, MB, CNS-TV. Return to index of stories...

Vehicular Homicide-Tag

The House bill now awaits action in the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee. Return to index of stories...


Drunk driving?there's an app for that.and some top cops aren't happy about it. AttorneyS General from Maryland and Delaware have sent letters to both Google and Apple requesting they ban smartphone applications that alert users to the location of D-U-I checkpoints. Today.Virginia governor Bob McDonnell basically threw up his hands, saying."This has been going on for decades, whether it's radar detectors or truckers on the CBs. We don't want to restrain people's ability to communicate freely." Return to index of stories...

ICC Google-VO

Can your car fly? Google Maps thinks it can.

Maryland drivers using Google Maps are being directed over the entire Intercounty Connecter. However. only the section of the I-C-C from I-370 and Georgia Avenue has opened. While Google is directing drivers to use the entire I-C-C, they haven't actually added the road to their maps. The directions lead cars over a highlighted blue line. But no road. Return to index of stories...

Radioactive Rainwater-RDR

Thirsty? Don't drink the rain. Government reports say trace amounts of radioactivity have been found in the air and rainwater around Maryland. However officials at the Environmental Protection Agency and the Centers for Disease Control say the amounts are so small there is no threat to the public health. The state's drinking water is safe. But it's been suggested that people avoid drinking rain water. Return to index of stories...

Gender Identitiy-RDR

A bill that would make discrimination against transgendered people illegal is facing some procedural hurdles in the Maryland Senate.making it unlikely to pass with two weeks left in the legislative session. The proposed law.which would prohibit housing and employment discrimination.passed in the House of Delegates 86-to-52 this weekend.but Senate President Mike Miller said the state budget takes priority right now.and there likely won't be time to take up the bill. Return to index of stories...

Wine Ship-lead in

The old business of wine is moving into the internet age with the Maryland legislature passing a bill that will allow wineries to ship straight to customers homes. But as I found out, not everyone is toasting the victory. Return to index of stories...

Wine Ship-pkg

*Nat Popped cork some pouring*

If you love wine, no distance is too far to travel for your favorite vintage.especially if you have no other choice.

"My sister actually lives in Seattle and I do wineries with her all the time and then I can't bring them back with me

For some wine conniseurs.driving to the vineyard is not always the most convenient.

"Right now it would be a hassle to drive all the way out to Sugarloaf for example from Bethesda just to pick up a bottle of wine"

And forget sending a bottle home from your travels. Current law prohibits shipping wine to Maryland. In fact. it's a felony.

"It's actually what's holding me back from doing a couple like the wine clubs at different wineries. I have a couple favorites because I would have to pick them up where they would ship them to your house instead.

A bill is now on it's way to the Governor's desk allowing Marylanders to order wine on-line. Wineries, whether in Maryland or out-of-state, will also be permitted to ship to residents 21-years of age and older. But that's ONLY if those states have a law similar to Maryland:

"Right now only 37 states and the District of Columbia allow vineyards like Sugarloaf to send their products directly to customer's homes"

But retailers say the state is still missing out on potential revenue. Arian Jacobs, owner of Diwine Spirits in Baltimore receives calls daily asking to ship wine. He says that excluding RETAILERS from the shipping bill puts a cork in consumer choice AND economic growth.

"If I would fill half of those orders then we would probably our business would probably increase 40%.. I would provide full-time jobs and I would provide additional taxes and sales taxes

But after 3 failed attempts in the legislature lawmakers and wine lovers are toasting this victory.saving any future battles for next year. Return to index of stories...

Wine Ship-tag

The new wine shipping bill will take effect on July 1st. Customers will be required to show government-issued I-D to receive their packages. Return to index of stories...


Next on Maryland Newsline, how a pumping station mistakenly pumped your tax dollars into worker's pockets.

.And although it's Spring.the sky keeps pumping out more snow. Clouds and. Rain. BUT, there's one major sign of spring in town! That's next on maryland newsline. Return to index of stories...


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Paid Twice-RDR

The Wastewater Pumping Station in Rockville has become the talk at the watercooler. Montgomery county's inspector general discovered that the developers may have been paid TWICE.once by the county.and once by the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission. While Inspector General Thomas Dagley suspects double payment. the county's chief administrative officer denies the suggestion. Return to index of stories...

Charter School-RDR

The board of the state's LARGEST school district decides against one particular growth aspect.and this isn't the first time. Montgomery County's school board once again REJECTED proposals to bring charter schools to the thriving system. A charter school spokesperson says she plans to appeal to the state board.to override the county's decision. Return to index of stories...


A spike in Chesapeake rockfish poaching has Annapolis lawmakers drafting a number of bills to protect the valuable resource.

While some were filed at the beginning of the legislative session.many were written after almost 13 -TONS of rockfish were discovered in illegal fishing nets this February. House Minority Leader.Republican Anthony O'Donnell.called the onslaught of bills "overkill".citing concerns that the legislation was rushed and redundant. Return to index of stories...

Crab Season-VO

Get your Old Bay and mallet ready.Friday marks the first day of crabbing season in Maryland.

Watermen are waiting for the results of the annual winter dredge survey.which will determine harvest restrictions on crabs. There were strict limits put in place TWO years ago after the number of crabs in the bay dropped.but LAST year's population rebounded.and state officials say restrictions might be eased if survey results improve again this year. Return to index of stories...

Holocaust Railroad-RDR

A French rail company's horrific past is coming back to haunt it.

The French National Railroad S-N-C-F transported tens of THOUSANDS of Jews to Nazi concentration camps during the Holocaust. They are now the majority owner of Keolis Rail Services America. a company seeking a contract to run two MARC lines. But the Maryland General Assembly is advancing a bill that would demand the company account for its actions during the Holocaust before they can get any work from the state. Return to index of stories...

Amtrak Twitter-RDR

Twitter can keep you updated on friends' activities or your favorite celebrities.and now you can even check if your train is on time. Amtrak will be tweeting major delays and rail traffic due to weather.equipment problems.or other causes. They'll eventually review the number of followers and re-tweets to decide if they should keep the pilot program and if any changes should be made. Return to index of stories...

Cherry Blossom --Lead in

PUX-A-TAWNY Phil might owe Washington an apology. The clairvoyant ground hog promised an early spring but plummeting temperatures in D-C in March have put the Cherry Blossom festival in jeopardy. CNS TV's Bethany Lambright checked out the turnout at the Tidal Basin. Return to index of stories...

Cherry Blossom - PKG

Cherry blossom festival visitors are sporting a new look this year.Winter coats.

we're spending less time outside It's just a little too cold

Cold temperatures, high winds, and even snow has kept a lot of visitors away from the trees along the Potomac River.

seems people are getting moving a little slower. There was a lot of concern from visitors about how the weather will affect the blossoms

The normally packed streets along the Tidal Basin are virtually empty and typical festival activities, like paddle boating, have come to a halt

there are about 40 boats in the harbor and about 8 in the water. I think that says it all

though visitor turnout has been less than expected, the blossoms don't seem to be following suit. The National Park Service predicted March 29th through April 4th for peak blossoms, and from the looks of things, the trees are right on schedule

and of course, some devoted fans braved the cold to catch a glimpse at the on-time blossoms.

it didn't matter what the weather was, we were coming down today to see them

Even with the bad weather, the park service is sure the student masses on spring break combined with the beauty of the blossoms will save festival turnout

the perfect storm of activity descends of DC every year

The perfect storm to overcome the imperfect weather.

In Southwest, Bethany Lambright. CNS-TV Return to index of stories...

Cherry Blossom --Tag

There is still time to enjoy the blossoms without your winter parka. The festival continues until April 10th and the forecast calls for warmer temperatures after this weekend. Return to index of stories...


Next on Maryland Newsline, residents may have to get used to NOT hearing that familiar thud on their doorstep every year.

And.as Women's History Month comes to a close, the celebrations continue.stay with us! Return to index of stories...


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Celebration of Women-VO

The University of Maryland celebrated women today in a presentation by the President's Commission on Women's Issues. The awards ceremony is in its 34th year. Lee Thornton was named Outstanding Woman of the Year. She is known for her leadership roles at the university and as a trailblazer for African American women in the field of broadcast news. The commission also presented awards for Outstanding Graduate Student, Professional Staff and Woman of Color. Return to index of stories...

Celebration of Women-SOT

it's an indescribable honor. There're no words. After almost 15 years at Maryland, it's like the cherry on top.

it's using those accomplishments to bring women along. To bring issues to the attention of the university to mentor women.

Thornton, who served as dean of the Merrill College of Journalism was the first African American woman to serve as dean of a college at the University. The commission also presented awards for Outstanding Graduate Student, Professional Staff and Woman of Color. Return to index of stories...

White Pages-RDR

And we leave you tonight.with an obituary. A staple in history is finally laid to rest in Maryland. The house of delegates gave final words over the mandatory delivery of residential white pages.to home phone company customers. The phone books outlived Verizon's request to end deliveries.Made last year.but lost its battle with delegates on Monday. Return to index of stories...


That's Maryland Newsline for tonight.thanks for joining us.I'm Deanna LeBlanc. You can check out this--and PAST newscasts--online at newsline-dot-umd-dot-edu.

And I'm Robyne McCullough.We leave you with more of D-C's beautiful cherry blossoms. have a good night. Return to index of stories...