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The DREAM Act clears another major hurdle in Annapolis.Good evening and welcome to Maryland Newsline.I'm Jessica MacLeod.

And I'm Stephanie Woods. Return to index of stories...

Dream Act-Lead In

The state Senate has had its say.today.a House committee got its chance to vote on the Dream Act.and CNS-TV's Deanna LeBlanc was in the committee room when the vote came down. Deanna joins us now LIVE from our Capital News Service Bureau in Annapolis.Deanna? Return to index of stories...

Dream Act-SOT

Thanks Jessi and Stephanie

As you know.the DREAM Act has been a controversial issue before the legislature this entire session.today.the House Ways and Means Committee had a chance to put its stamp on the bill.which allows undocumented citizens residing in Maryland to attend community colleges and pay IN-STATE tuition. Debate in the committee was passionate:

it is much better to educate someone at the little cost that we're providing than to send them than the cost of someone going to prison.

what we're doing is we're investing our taxpayer dollars into people who may not ever be legally able to work in our state.

the federal government can hardly get the mail to run on time. the idea of scooping up 12 million people and shipping them back is preposterous its just absolutely ludicrous its just not going to happen. so the reality we find ourselves in is that these people are here. now we have a decision to make. should they be educated or should they not be? and i vote yes. i think they should be educated.

Now stephanie and jess the final vote was 14-7 with one delegate passing on his vote. THe committee also approved four amendments. The first has to deal with referring to the students as *foreign resident* students NOT undocumented immigrants. That's to make clear they won't be taking seats from legal state residents for in-state tuition but will apply as OUT of state students but will receive IN state tuitions. The 2nd amendment will require all those who are qualified to file for selective service. a voluntary draft. Then the third amendment will grandfather students in their first year of community college into the program.

THe bill will now go to the FULL House for consideration. Stephanie? Return to index of stories...

PG Scandal-RDR

Prince George's County Public School System could lose MILLIONS of dollars if allegations against it are true.

The U.S. Department of Labor says more than ONE-THOUSAND teachers from foreign countries are owed more than FOUR-MILLION dollars by the Price George's County Public School system. These teachers are in the United States with a visa program that requires them to be paid the same wages and benefits as U.S. Workers. An investigation by the department shows fees were illegally taken out of the teachers salaries that the school system is required to pay itself. Return to index of stories...

Metro Cam-Lead-in

Recent video that surfaced showing two children attacking a Metro Rider at the L'Enfant Plaza station in January raised questions about what Metro was doing to keep riders safe. CNS-TV's Bethany Lambright tells us that.residents near the Greenbelt Metro station have been asking that SAME question for MORE than a year: Return to index of stories...

Metro Cam-Bethany

Crime is a constant concern for metro riders entering the greenbelt station from 53rd Street in College Park.

i've been robbed here three times

The final straw came last summer when a 15 year old girl was raped outside the station.in daylight.

it happened right here at this entrance at 6:30 in the afternoon

Fazlul Kamir collected more than 300 signatures petitioning Metro authorities to install cameras outside the station and increase police presence. But Kamir says.Metro has been slow to respond:

it was very disappointing, the response from the metro police

metro did install this emergency call box at the corner of 53rd and Lockawanna. Residents say it's not enough. The box is too far from the station entrance to prevent events like last summer's sexual assault

Metro also cleared brush from the station pathway to keep would-be criminals from hiding and waiting for victims. And, last week, Metro announced additional cameras will be installed at ALL stations. But that's still not enough for many residents in this community:

more active patrolling. Be around more often

we're not giving up

Not giving up.until Metro gives in. In College Park, Bethany Lambright, CNS-TV Return to index of stories...

Metro Cam-Tag

Maryland Newsline spoke with Metro officials who told us that--quoting them-- " Metro will install exterior surveillance cameras at each of Metro's 153 station entrances to enhance the security of the Metro system, its riders and employees. Metro is committed to safety at all of it's stations." Return to index of stories...

Rail Funding-RDR

Get ready for a faster ride.Governor O'Malley says two applications have been submitted to the federal government for high-speed rail funding. He is requesting nearly 300-million dollars to improve the Amtrak and MARC station at B-W-I.and more than 100- million that would go toward a study to replace and add capacity to three bridges in northeast Maryland. The federal money became available after Florida's governor rejected two-billion dollars for speed rail there. Return to index of stories...

Shutdown Bay-VO

Chesapeake Bay restoration could end up being the victim in Congress' budget battle.

Former Maryland leaders have teamed up to block the possible chopping of federal funding.

Former Governors Harry Hughes and Parris Glendening.along with former Representative Wayne Gilchrest have sent a letter to Representative Steny Hoyer. They're urging him to protect millions of bay dollars that Republicans want to strip from the hotly-debated budget. Return to index of stories...

Bay Walk Canceled-RDR

.AND while budgets are pending, tourists and celebrations are put on hold.yet again. Maryland transportation authorities have canceled the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Walk for the fifth year in a ROW.and guess what's to blame? "BUDGET CONCERNS." Transportation spokeswoman Kelly Mel-hem says the annual event became more expensive since September 11th. It's been canceled in recent years because of bad weather, renovations, and economic conditions. Return to index of stories...


In the state Senate today.final approval of a bill allowing the Maryland Department of Natural Resources to RE-survey ANY underwater area in order to determine the position-- and extent --of ANY natural oyster bar. The bill will also allow the commercial leasing of portions of oyster sanctuaries.but put additional requirements on businesses that want to cultivate the state's shellfish. Eastern Shore State Senator Richard Colburn wanted his colleagues to amend the bill.to provide additional protections on those sanctuaries: Return to index of stories...


We're gonna take all the Yates bars and let people lease them. You think it's

just gonna affect watemen that I represent.It's gonna prevent a lot of areas in the

bay from being fished by sports fisherman.

Colburn's proposed amendment was rejected by the senate. The bill, if signed by the Governor, would take effect July first. Return to index of stories...


It's like a scene in a horror movie.you call nine-one-one.and all you hear is a busy signal. This is reality for some people in Montgomery and Prince George's County.in fact it has happened four times since July. Now Maryland utility regulators are saying Verizon, which is the sole provider of 9-1-1 services for the state, may have broken the law by not notifying emergency calls centers when the calls didn't go through. They could be fined up to ten-THOUSAND dollars for each of the four outages. Return to index of stories...

Pepco Survey-RDR

Pepco is in the hot seat as well. A new survey by Montgomery County shows almost 95 percent of Pepco customers reported they had at least one outage of more than five hours in the last year. The economic cost of long outages like this can reach up to 100- MILLION for residents and 200- MILLION for businesses. Pepco has responded by saying it was accountable and committed to reliable service to all its customers. Return to index of stories...

Tease Teen Drinking-VO

Buses that can talk? You'll find out who they're talking to.and what they're saying.next on Maryland Newsline.

And how to keep your kids safe during prom season.

we take a look at underage drunk driving.and how doctors are working prevent it. Stay with us. Return to index of stories...


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4000 DC Police-RDR

Crime creeps higher while the budget sinks.but the work still has to get done.and D-C police seek to keep FOUR-THOUSAND officers on staff. D-C Council legislation introduced Tuesday is tackling staffing issues. A large number of veteran officers are scheduled to retire in the next few years.and police chief Cathy Lanier says the department doesn't have the funds to recruit new officers. Return to index of stories...


A local English teacher has been arrested for taking "indecent liberties" with her 16-year-old male student. 27-year old Tina Marie Amato of Fredricksburg has been a full-time teacher at Garfield High School since 2008, and was arrested after another teacher confiscated the boy's cell phone. Messages found in the phone prompted a police investigation that revealed that Amato and the boy had allegedly been having a relationship for about a year. Return to index of stories...

Teen Drinking-Intro

High school seniors are asking dates to prom and gearing up grades for graduation this time of year. I heard from state officials today at the University of Maryland's Shock Trauma Center Center about how THEY're gearing up for their own campaign to keep teens safe on the road. Return to index of stories...

Teen Drinking-Jess

Drinking and driving is a huge problem for teens this time of year. and state officials don't want the shock trauma center to be the location of their after prom party.

Kids are kids. They're excited, they make some bad decisions, they get on the road, and they don't realize that that bad decision may be their last decision.

Scalea says about half of all those admitted to the center are intoxicated… and nurses in the rescussitation unit see the cases firsthand.

We see actually all too much. We see it very frequently year-round but particularly during the holidays and prom and graduation season a lot of young people come in as a result of drunk driving.

This is the patient information board where details are recorded for incoming patients.

The nurses don't want to have any more of these types of write-ups and want teens to be aware of what's being marketed to them.

I would like for teenagers to understand that these drinks that are marketed like juice drinks or sports drinks or energy drinks with alcohol in them are much more dangerous than they understand.

A public service campaign will kick off in May to help make responsibility for teen drunk driving a family matter.

There's a misconception out there amongst parents that think, well, as long as I have the alcohol at my house, the kids will be safe. There's two problems with that: one, the kids will go home and they won't be safe, they'll have to drive on the roads drunk, and second, it's against the law.

And the staff at Shock Trauma say.they'd prefer not to have any additional company:

The best patient is the one we never see. So please join us in making this a reality. Return to index of stories...

Teen Drinking-Tag

Under Maryland law. for every underage drinker CAUGHT.the adult faces a one-thousand dollar fine and up to six months in jail. The Maryland Attorney General will be taking part in an upcoming radio public service campaign against teen driving. emphasizing what parents can do to support their kids in making good decisions. Return to index of stories...

Offshore Wind-VO

Wednesday could be the day for a big decision on a massive offshore wind transmission line being financed in part by Google.

Governor Martin O'Malley's offshore wind bill is backed by House Economic Matters Committee Chairman Derek Davis, and that proposal could be voted on as early as mid-week. Davis says while he supports the proposal, he's not sure there will be enough support from his committee members for it to pass. Lawmakers are six-days from ending their work this session, and many of O'Malley's initiatives are still up for debate. Return to index of stories...


Your free pass on the I-C-C is up today.

Starting tomorrow morning drivers on Maryland's InterCounty Connector need to have an E-ZPass. Drivers without the pass will be charged a toll and a 3-dollar service fee. There are no toll booths along the ICC. This was done to encourage traffic to keep moving and makes E-ZPass essential for drivers using the road. Return to index of stories...

Talking Bus - VO

Mom always told you to look both ways before you cross the street. Baltimore buses could be telling YOU the same soon.

The Maryland Transit Administration is testing a new safety feature in 10 of its buses.an automated voice that alerts pedestrians when a bus turns.

The Safe Turn Alert system also speaks to bus riders and drivers inside.

Talk doesn't come cheap.the new alert systems could cost 15 hundred to 25 hundred per bus.

But M-T-A spokesperson Terry Owens says the agency wants to do whatever it can to prevent accidents on today's busy streets. Return to index of stories...

Talking Bus - SOT

People are busier these days, people are more distracted, and if there's an element that we can use that serves as a reminder that there's a 40-foot bus heading your way, we think it'll help.

The M-T-A will test alert systems from two companies over the next two months. Return to index of stories...

Tease O's Opening Day-VO

Maybe you'll be able to take one of those talking buses to the Orioles game?

That's right.the O's are back.

.and we had some beautiful weather to celebrate the start of baseball season. See all the action from opening weekend.coming up next. Return to index of stories...


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Three people are recovering tonight after a small plane crash in Ridgely on the Eastern Shore. Maryland State Police say that the Piper Aerostar plane flipped over Monday as it was landing at the air park, hurting the pilot, 24-year-old Austen E-lie.of Pasadena,.and his two passengers, 24-year old Sean Moran of Easton, and 23-year old Kevin Warnke of Alexandria, Virginia. FAA spokeswoman Arlene Salac says WIND caused the plane to flip as it was trying to land. Return to index of stories...


From record-setting highs yesterday to battling the wind and cold rain today. Mother nature is certainly "springing" her moods on us. The National Weather Service says yesterdays high of 86 degrees at the Baltimore Marshall Airport set a new record for the day. The previous record high was 83 degrees in 1956. It felt like summer for the Washington area. However now residents are putting back on their jackets as the mercury is forecast to drop near freezing tonight. Return to index of stories...

O's Opening Day-Intro

They're the HOTTEST team in baseball.and yesterday.the Orioles were back in Baltimore for their first homestand of the season. CNS-TV's Robyne McCullough was there for a picture perfect opening game: Return to index of stories...

O's Opening Day-Robyne

*open nats of ticket scan "thank you"*

It was one of the HOTTEST tickets around


A sold out crowd of more than 46 thousand fans wanted a taste of what the O's were offering up:

man takes bite of brot. Me off cam: how is it? Man: Very good

"It's about having fun, watching a good ballgame, watching the new tradition here in Balmur."

And, for some, it meant missing school for a field trip to the ballpark:

off cam: Why are you skipping school today? Joe: Because I love the O's!

*Nats of players running onto the field*

and the fans. like what they see.

"It's encouragement they can go somewhere this year."

it's the 20th home opener for the Orioles here at Camden Yards. And the winning start to the season has a lot of fans saying, it feels a lot like 1997.

Many fans are looking to manager Buck Showalter to take the team BACK to the playoffs.just like they did 13 seasons ago:

his attitude is great. Just come down here and play baseball. You don't want to play baseball, get out.

Some.are already convinced the post season's in sight.

we're gonna get our World Series Tickets as soon as they go on sale.

child yelling: "go Orioles" Dad: Good job!

In Baltimore, Robyne McCullough for CNS-TV Return to index of stories...


That's Maryland Newsline for tonight.thanks for joining us I'm Stephanie Woods.

And I'm Jessica MacLeod. You can check out this--and PAST newscasts--online at newsline-dot-umd-dot-edu.

have a good night.we'll see you tomorrow. Return to index of stories...