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Stolen Goods-Lead in

Good evening, I'm Deanna LeBlanc.

Are you missing any of your stuff?

And I'm Tolleah Price.

Are you missing cash?

Jewelry or laptops?

Well, call the Montgomery County Police Department.

They have a bounty of stolen goods they want to reunite with owners.

But can you prove it's yours?

I talked with investigators earlier today to find out how you can reclaim your precious property. Return to index of stories...

Stolen Goods-Tolleah

A feast of STOLEN GOODS covers this table at a police station in Germantown. It all came from a string of burglaries that happened between July and December of last year.

one of the most disconcerting situations.is to have their home burglarized. It rocks your sense of security

Investigators say they got a tip last month about a suspicious car in a Gaithersburg. Officers got the license plate number and set up a sting. They watched three men break into two homes.

That's when police moved in and made their arrests. But it didn't end there.

The subsequent investigation led to a fourth subject, a search warrant at his house was conducted.and the recovery of all the property here now as well as several thousand dollars has been returned to owners has been recovered as well.

While searching the fourth suspect's home…police found 17 flatscreen tvs. They've all been returned to their owners. To reclaim your items you need a receipt.serial numbers or photos of your missing items. Don't have tha? Not to worry.Detective Bob Finkelstein says you should still give him call.

Asides from matching up property with reports, to some extent you just have to trust people

Lucille Bauer says it may seem unrealistic.but you should always try to document expensive items and take pictures of them too.

"your flatscreen tvs.tools. Any kind of items that would have a serial number.keep a list of that.

Bauer says save that list on a google document so you can access it from anywhere in case your computer is stolen. And remember to store those photos in a family album.

typically a burglar is not going to be taking the family photographs

But as these stolen pictures prove.some crooks will take anything.

In Germantown.Tolleah Price for CNS TV. Return to index of stories...

Stolen Goods-Tag

You have up to 6 -months to claim your items.

After that…they go to storage for a year.

Then the detectives decide if they'll continue to store the items.DESTROY them…or sell them at auction.

All proceeds from the auction go to the Montgomery county general fund. Return to index of stories...

Gang Talk-VO

Today, the Maryland State Board of Education approved a state-wide model policy to help prevent and deal with gang activity in schools. The policy will serve as a guideline for the state's 24 local school systems in developing their OWN specific policies. School systems will set standard consequences and remedial actions for gang involvement, procedures for reporting and investigating gang activity, and provide information on getting help and prevention programs. Return to index of stories...

Gang Talk-SOT

when you actually have gang activity spilling over into the school, and students, some vulnerable students, being recruited into gangs, I think that's a very serious issue. And that's what we're trying to do here is make schools safer.

Local school systems have to submit their individual policies by September 1st. If approved, they'll take effect this fall. We'll have more on this story coming up in a later edition of Maryland Newsline. Return to index of stories...


Drinking and Driving is illegal, and smoking is hard on the lungs. Now, senators are trying to make them ALL harder on the pockets, and it's not for safety reasons. A small group of state senators is proposing an alternative budget tax hike to raise over 800-million dollars. And if you think gas prices are high now.think again.because the proposed increase would add 12 -cents per gallon. That's an average of a 100-dollars per Maryland driver per year! Return to index of stories...

Same Sex Debate-RDR

Debate over Maryland's same-sex marriage bill begins tomorrow in the Maryland Senate, and Senate President Mike Miller has asked fellow lawmakers to be "gentlemanlike" and "ladylike." The controversial debate is expected to last several days.and there could be a full vote next Tuesday. Currently 24 -senators support the bill, the minimum needed for it to pass. Maryland would become the sixth state to legalize gay marriage if it's approved. Return to index of stories...

Westboro PG protest-VO

The anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church.notorious for protesting outside funerals.is coming to town.

The infamous group says it will be picketing Northwestern High School on March first.claiming the students are part of a "doomed America".although it's unclear why the school was specifically targeted. The church is also planning an anti-Jewish demonstration outside the Russell Senate Office Building in Washington D.C. earlier the same day. Return to index of stories...

Snow - Lead in

Today's snowfall put a chill on the spring fever many were feeling after our stretch of unseasonably warm weather. CNS T-V's Robyne McCullough tells us why it's not QUITE time to trade your snow boots in for flip flops. Return to index of stories...

Snow - Robyne

Last week, 70 degrees in February had Marylanders breaking out shorts and sunglasses and hitting the field for some fun in the sun.

What a difference a five-day forecast makes.

*nats shovel*

This morning, they woke up to 34 degrees, ice and snow --- which put a freeze on a change in wardrobe.

"I was ready to put up my winter coats and get out my summer dresses, but unfortunately we're back to beautiful Maryland winter. I love it, not really. *laugh*

So what's behind all of this weather confusion? You can head to the blogosphere to find the answer.

Punxsutawney Phil predicted spring would come early this year. Too bad he didn't say how long it would last.

"Next time make sure it lasts longer than a day"

But some say this is how the weather SHOULD be.

"I think last week was a nice little break but today's weather is more indicative of February so I'm kind of happy that it's snowing again."

Hope DOES spring eternal.because at 7:21pm on March 20th.spring OFFICIALLY arrives.

In College Park, Robyne McCullough reporting for CNS-TV. Return to index of stories...

Snow - Tag

Even though the amount of snow predicted last night fell short the cold is going to linger. So button up those coats. Return to index of stories...


Coming up on Maryland Newsline. We'll tell you why it's important to love school buses.

.AND find out why wind farms may not be the simple solution to the energy problem.That's next on Maryland Newsline. Return to index of stories...


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Wind farm-Lead in

Although many think wind energy is green.some Garrett County residents are seeing red. Stephanie Woods went to Western Maryland to find out why locals think wind energy is a lot of hot air. Return to index of stories...

Wind farm-Stephanie

Maryland's first wind farm.28 turbines along the top of Backbone Mountain. The farm generates 70 megawatts.but it's left some locals feeling power-less.

It has changed my life insurmountably.

The turbines started spinning December 27th. And members of Save Western Maryland says not much has been the same since. Co-founder Melissa Carrico wanted to turn her property into a holistic healing center.but says the turbines compromised her business.and health.

The flicker effects and sound causes wind turbine syndrome. I have anxiety, sleeplessness.I literally catapult out of bed at night.

Contractor Eric Grobinson built his home 3 years ago. He says the 8 miles of turbines not only defaced the mountain tops.but also depreciated his home.

They never came to us. This destroyed our lives, but they never compensated us.

Save Western Maryland also worries about the turbines and their impact on endangered species.like the Indiana bat.

They are erecting them on a mountain range.right in the migratory path of bats and birds.

And the organization has sued Constellation Energy to require it to get a permit from the US Fish and Wildlife Service.a permit, the company says, they're already working to obtain:

The last thing we want to do is impact wildlife when we're running a project that's environmentally friendly.

Kevin Thorton of Constellation Energy says the farm meets the energy needs of 28 thousand households. Although he thinks the farm will meet the state's renewable energy goals.it can't please everyone. And that includes Matia Vanderbilt:

We're told that they're clean and green because the turbines don't emit anything. But because of their intermittence, they're ramping the power sources on the grid up and down. They're causing increases in CO2.

But many believe that wind energy could improve air quality. Constellation Energy says it's wind farm could help Governor O'Malley achieve his goal of reducing Maryland's carbon footprint 25 percent by 2020.

It's Maryland's first ever wind project. We're proud with how it's turned out in construction and thrilled to have it on line.

In Oakland, I'm Stephanie Woods for CNS-TV. Return to index of stories...

Wind farm-Tag

And going from the mountains to the shore.Governor O'Malley is asking state lawmakers to approve a proposal requiring the state's FOUR utilities to sign fixed-price, long-term contracts with offshore wind developers who are expected to build wind turbines off the coast of Ocean City. Return to index of stories...


For those of you looking for a two-days of fun on the Bay, Maryland Department of Natural Resources is bending the rules.

Rockfish season will re-open this coming Friday and Monday for watermen to make up for profits lost after illegal nets and poached rockfish were seized on February fourth. The department says that about 200-thousand pounds of the month's quota haven't been caught.

After Monday, February 28, the season will be closed until December. Return to index of stories...

Love the Bus-Lead in

With last night's snow fall. School officials rely on their bus drivers to determine if the roads are safe. But even when there's no snow. drivers work every day to keep students safe. I was in Montgomery County to see how the federal government is honoring school bus drivers during February's "love the Bus" month. Return to index of stories...

Love the Bus-Deanna

The wheels on the buses in Montgomery County go round - and - round. About 130,000 miles each day.

At Takoma Park Elementary school it's *cool* to ride the bus to *school.*

The kids here are participating in "love the Bus month" and today they got a special visit from Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood.


are there special rules for school buses?


My teacher has been sick for 2 weeks.


mine has been absent for a week


now I'm the secretary of transportation. And one time when I went to a school and talked to kids like you. What they thought. Was that my job was to drive the president around.

Love the Bus month is designed to honor bus drivers and promote bus safety.

you are riding on the safest way to get to school today and when you get home you'll be on the safest way to get home. Even safer than if you are riding with your parents

26 million american children start their school day riding that iconic yellow school bus. American School Bus Council members say the school bus driver is JUST as important in the learning process as the teacher.

Today they've come together to honor one driver in particular. Wellington Verona Abud. known to the kids simply as as Mr. Wellington.

you are a great example by the the stories the kids have told as to exactly what school bus driver should be -- taking lots of responsibilities seriously

The students each drew pictures to show their appreciation for Mr. Wellington.

Nats of the kids in line handing them his photos

But no one was more appreciative than the driver himself.

I couldn't be happier, it's been an honor to be driving for Montgomery country for 9 years. my kids are wonderful, i couldn't ask for more. my kids are the best

the best kids. And the best driver. coming together to "LOVE THE BUS."

In Takoma Park, I'm Deanna LeBlanc. CNS TV

. Return to index of stories...

Love the Bus-Tag

Montgomery County officials estimate that their 12-hundred school buses drive the equivlant of *FOUR times* around the equator EVERY day! Return to index of stories...


Next on Maryland Newsline find out why a state senator from Baltimore has proposed changing the names of two western Maryland mountains.

. And the presidents race is over. But we're not talking 20-12. Coming up on Maryland Newsline. Return to index of stories...


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Tysons Traffic-RDR

Tyson's Corner is already a busy shopping destination, but some upcoming development plans could make the area even busier. A new proposal includes building housing units for almost five-THOUSAND people.11 new office buildings.a hotel.a park.and additional retail space. Planners are hoping to make the development walkable and sustainable, eventually connecting to two Metro Silver Line stations that will be opened in 2013. Return to index of stories...

Pres Race-Lead in

The stadium is ready to go.the players have reported to spring training.but the larger than life members of the team.had to go through an intense competition. CNS-TV's Matt Brody went to Nationals Park to check it out. Return to index of stories...

Pres Race-Matt

Ready , get set, GO.

It's that time of year again.Nationals presidential mascot tryouts.


This is a dream come true. I've always wanted to do this.


I'm a big runner. I ran up the Empire State Building back in February. I feel like this is the next big thing.

THESE presidential hopefuls faced a rigorous set of tests. including the 40 yard dash, a race to center field and back, a dance off, and a pose for the camera.


it's a lot harder than you think because one youre in terrible shape if you're me. Two the suit is awkwardly heavy it looks like its a cardboard thing. There's weights in there I think there's actually another dude in the suuit with you, clings on to you.

With the large number of contestants.the mascot wannabees planned their strategy carefully:


I got some dance moves


Dance moves


It's hard to do a booty shimmy in the Presidents suit, it's probably one of my staples. You break it out and it's probably too much. Again, women and kids are watching.

It didn't seem to slow the guys down, but George, Tom, and Abe had to spend the day without the beloved fourth member of Mount Rushmore.

Teddy, the lovable loser, was not in attendance. Potential presidents were put in heats of three rather than the usual four. Although the presidents in attendance did get love, Teddy was still greatly missed.


Teddy's the one pulling all the interesting antics.


If Teddy never wins you can be the first one to win as Teddy down the road it's gotta be the right time. It can't happen until the moment is right.

When Teddy finally wins one it's going to be special, but hey on any given summer night any president can beat another president. And that's why they run the races. In Washington, Matt Brody, CNS-TV. Return to index of stories...

Pres Race-Tag

The winners were announced today and were notified by the team. For now we'll have to wait till the season begins to see if Teddy finally gets a victory. Return to index of stories...

Renaming MTS-RDR

Your map may soon need an update. The Maryland Senate held a hearing today calling for a commission to rename Negro Mountain and Polish Mountain in western Maryland. The proposal is sponsored by Baltimore representative Lisa Gladden, who says the Negro Mountain name has always bothered her because it often carries negative connotations about African-Americans. Some lawmakers from Western Maryland say the bill is an example of extreme political correctness. Return to index of stories...

Facebook Criminal

A warning to all criminals out there: don't post the evidence on the internet! A 19-year old Washington man broke into a house in Northwest Washington.stole a coat, among other items.and then posted a picture of himself wearing the stolen coat on the Facebook page of the victim. He pleaded guilty to a burglary charge today, and faces sentencing in May. Return to index of stories...



That's Maryland Newsline for tonight.thanks for joining us. I'm Deanna LeBlanc. You can check out this.and past newscasts. online at www-dot-newsline-dot-umd-dot-edu.

And I'm Tolleah Price.have a good night.we'll see you back here tomorrow. Return to index of stories...