College Park cameras capture nearly 1,500 lead-foot drivers in one week

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Published on: Wednesday, December 01, 2010

By Katelin Wangberg, The Prince George’s Sentinel

College Park’s new speed cameras have been taking pictures since Nov. 15, resulting in a high number of citations reported at last week’s city council meeting.

As of last Tuesday, there were 1,498 citations from speed cameras located at Paint Branch Parkway, Metzerott Road and Rhode Island Avenue, and this was not taking into account the weekend numbers, said Joseph Nagro, College Park city manager.

These speed cameras, which take a picture of any vehicle going at least 12 miles per hour faster than the speed limit, were placed in the three locations based on police data that indicated these locations were problem areas.

“We knew that in certain areas people were really flying,” Nagro said, adding now “it’s very obvious that they were.”



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